About InSec

InSec is a powerful security application that demands minimal battery usage and is totally free of charge to download.
Do you need emergency assistance, walking company at night, defibrillators, first aid kit or simply reassurance that help is available?
Every user has a unique private code which is located in the profile section of the app. When you and your loved ones input each others codes, you will become each others guardians. Build your own private security network, invite anyone you want directly in the app! With this powerful tool, you will have better overview as a parent, sibling, relative, best friend or guardian, without any border limitations.
When the alarm is activated with a push of a button or through voice commando, an alarm signal is sent to every person in your security network.
Let InSec become a part of your everyday life and help increase the safety for yourself and your loved ones.

Send Alarm

Send alarms in different ways: 1 - Click the alarm button inside App. 2- Send alerts through voice command. 3- Press the mobile volume buttons for 5 seconds. 4- By shaking your mobile device for three seconds(Android).

How InSec Work

This app has no limited You can use it anywhere in the world. And your friends and family can find you anywhere in the world.

Make Network

With this app you can create your own network of friends and family and send your request for help when needed.

Alarm Type

You can use this app under different conditions. When seeking help for yourself, friends or family in all areas, personal, security or medical. It can also be used when something is happening to your surroundings, such as fires.

InSec on App Store  & Google Play

InSec Doc page

If you would like to know more about this App, please visit its documents page.


SignIt is a simple application that helps the user in both the public and private sector to digitally sign documents and agreements through their smartphone or tablet. It will now be simple to create and sign legal and other important documents so everything from work to events will be easily seen and signed by wanted parties and will follow all GDPR laws.

The application was designed to create a more effective tool to sign important documents and is developed to abide all the GDPR laws from the spring in 2018. Solution Valley AB wanted to make it easier for the users to both create and sign important documents through digital tools, making it possible for you to sign a document where ever you are and send it to the wanted party in a moments notice.

In the application you have the possibility to create documents connected to both agreements and pictures that the user in a simple way can send to the wanted party and trough touch have the documents signed within the applications in a moments notice. All documents and agreements signed with SignIt will be send to both the sender and signers email with all the information and signed document in the mail.

SignIT on App Store  & Google Play

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