Solution Valley AB.

Creating and developing digital platforms


Program design is one of the most important parts of producing a program. If you are interested in mobile app design, get in touch with us.


Marketing today is not the same as before. marketing is complex and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. If you are interested in mobile app marketing please contact us.

Dev System

The stages of manufacturing a product that can ultimately compete in the marketplace are complex and time consuming, and many standards must be met in the process of producing a product. If you are interested in mobile app development, get in touch with us.​


After designing, manufacturing and launching a product, the most important part is its support. If users of a product are not satisfied with the support of a product, you will soon lose your market. If you are interested in mobile app support, get in touch with us.​​

Future plans

Security Technology

We work on projects that can bring security to all aspects of our lives intelligently.

AR/VR Technology

AR/Vr technology will be in every aspect of life in the future. We are also trying to use this technology in all our projects.

Game Technology

Designing and producing mobile games is one of our early projects. We are currently producing the first version of our game project